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Dr. Greg Sanders

Dr. Greg Sanders, "The Starfish Guy," owns 3 tech companies in technology & marketing - Max Tech Inspire, The Max Community, & MaxR Marketing. He was voted 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by his peers in the Southern Illinois Small Business Association, is a Life Leader with Starfish, a pastor and community leader, a musician & composer (piano, organ, trumpet, guitar, kazoo), aspiring author, traveler & amateur linguist who dabbles in several languages, and he plays a mean game of pickleball in his spare time (and honestly, when he probably should be working).

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Dr. Greg Sanders, "The Starfish Guy"

Dr. Greg Sanders, "The Starfish Guy"

LIFE LEADER with Starfish

Founder / Owner - Max Tech Inspire, "Technology that inspires you to live a better life."

Founder / Owner - The Max Community (TMC) - online marketing mastermind for business owners

Founder / Owner - EZcard / MaxR App - "Don't hide your business on a website. Go mobile!"

Owner - MaxR Marketing, featuring Max Pro CRM - "The most intuitive Pro CRM for the small business owner."

Co-Founder & Co-Collaborator of MAX3R - "Free online business speed networking and more!"

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